PMPL ID S4: BTR uHigh and RRQ Asaa Get Held in the First Week

BTR uHighBae


BTR uHighBae

GridGames.ID – The first week of PUBG Mobile Pro League Indonesia Season 4 is over.

The 20 best teams have competed in the Weekdays 1 round for 16 seats in the Super Weekend 1 round.

In the Super Weekend 1 round, various strategies and the best gameplay were presented by pro-players.

To reward pro-players who competed, PUBG Mobile Esports awarded a Top 5 Terminator Rank title in the Super Weekend 1 round.

For your information, the title is given to the best player who has eliminated or killed the most.

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Here are 5 pro-players who got the Top 5 Terminator Rank title in the Super Weekend 1 round:

  1. BTR uHighBaee – 37 kills
  2. RRQ Mort – 37 kills
  3. Aura Jaydenn – 37 kills
  4. BTR Ryzen – 36 kills
  5. RRQ Asaa – 34 kills

Super Weekend 1 can be said to be running very hot.

Evidently, pro-players named uHigh, Mort, and Jaydenn got the same points.

In fact, several transfers that occurred in the previous PUBG Mobile eSports scene managed to keep fans entertained because more colorful gameplay and strategies could be seen.


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