PlayStation: These are the advantages of Fortnite when played via PlayStation 5

GridGames.ID – The PlayStation 5 is right in front of the fans’ eyes.

The console, which is predicted to be the next gen of the video games, will be released on November 12 tomorrow.

In a report from the PlayStation Blog, they have described improvements in several aspects to the game Fortnite played on the PlayStation 5.

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Let’s take a look at some of the interesting information!

1. DualSense Makes Fortnite More Realistic

PlayStation5 Dual DualSense Controller Display

PlayStation Blog

PlayStation5 Dual DualSense Controller Display

The use of DualSense when playing Fortnite later, will support the adaptive trigger feedback feature for long-range weapons.

So, when you shoot Pistol, SMG, and Sniper weapons, the vibrations you feel will be more pronounced.


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