PlayStation Smartphone Design Concept Appears, What’s the Shape?

PlayStation 5 game console illustration

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PlayStation 5 game console illustration

GridGames.ID – Recently, a news related to the PlayStation smartphone design concept is known to circulate on the Internet.

This Nintendo smartphone design concept was first circulated on the design product sharing site, Yanko Design.

Meanwhile, the party responsible for the design process of this gaming smartphone design concept is a designer named Anesthetique Projets.

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In fact, Sony as the parent company of PlayStation has released a portable game console called PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) in 2011.

However, for one reason or another, PS Vita production had to stop a few years ago and Sony decided not to make portable gaming consoles anymore.

PS Vita game console

PS Vita game console

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Even though PS Vita production has been closed, Anesthetique Projets has not stood still and is trying to realize the design concept of another portable PlayStation besides the PS Vita, namely a PlayStation smartphone.

Then, what is the shape of the Nintendo smartphone design concept designed by Anesthetique Projets?


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