PlayStation 5 Reportedly Can Only Be Purchased 1 Version By Everyone

A number of PS5 devices and accessories.


A number of PS5 devices and accessories.

GridGames.ID – One reddit user managed to dig into the source code of the site, where it is the website to buy this Sony console.

After digging deep enough, a user named u/Kgarvey found an error message that will appear when a buyer buys more than one PS5 on the website.

Not only rumors, this has also been proven by IGN.

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The message is evident indeed in the source code of Sony’s retail webiste.

Here’s what he wrote:

Source Code PS5 page


Source Code PS5 page

Actually, during the PS4 era, Sony only allowed one person to pre-order for one device.

But this time the situation is different, guys.

The difference is, PS5 will be released in two versions, PS5 and PS5 Digital.

The difference between the two lies in the games that can be played.

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