PlayStation 5 Exclusive Game Release ‘Returnal’ Postponed To May

Returnal, PS5 exclusive game

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Returnal, PS5 exclusive game

GridGames.ID – A new announcement has come from Sony as the developer of the next gen PlayStation 5 (PS 5) console regarding the delay of one of the PS 5 exclusive games, Returnal.

They say that this third-person shooter genre game will be released in the spring, to be precise on May 30, 2022.

The release date is a six-week delay from the previous planned release date, which is May 19, 2022.




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Sony announced the postponement of Returnal’s release date on the official PlayStation Twitter account on May 28 yesterday.

“Sony Interactive Entertainment and Housemarque have made the decision to change the release date to give the team additional time to continue improving the game to the level of quality that players expect from Housemarque,” Sony said in the tweet.

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Developer Housemarque announced the Returnal game in June during Sony’s PS5 reveal event.

In Returnal, players play as a space pilot named Selene who is trapped on an alien planet and cannot die. Goks!

Uniquely, every time he died, he returned from the grave to fight again.

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The latest trailer for Returnal features sci-fi third-person combat and sees Selene grabbing some weapons and gadgets through cutscenes.

He also shows off various types of weapons, swords, and parasites that Selene can upgrade to increase her power.

The official synopsis of Returnal describes the game as a roguelike, la Hades or Dead Cells, suggesting Selene to retain all of these weapon upgrades while she’s dead.

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The Returnal trailer also focuses heavily on the game’s narrative where the character Selene has lost some of her memories on the planet, and she must put them together to escape.

Aside from being Returnal’s main mystery, there’s still not much information about Selene’s journey or the upgrades she gets while she fights.

When released later, Returnal, which is an exclusive PS5 game, can be purchased at a price of USD 69.99 or around Rp. 978 thousand.


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