Playoffs Results: EVOS Legends Still Too Mighty for GFLX Aerowolf

EVOS Legends roster in MPL ID Season 7.

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EVOS Legends roster in MPL ID Season 7.

GridGames.ID – The first day of the Playoffs (30/4) MPL ID Season 7 closed with the EVOS Legends vs. Genflix Aerowolf match.

The competition was tight. Genflix put up a fierce fight against EVOS.

However, the EVOS team still seems too strong for the team with the silver wolf logo.

EVOS managed to beat Genflix after a very long match with a score of 2-1.

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Both teams are both lowering the best strength in the match.

EVOS plays Antimage, Clover, Ferxiic, Luminaire, and REKT as its roster.

Meanwhile, Genflix still has the same arrangement, namely Bottle, Clay, Fredoqt, Rinazmi, and Watt.

Games 1

EVOS demonstrated its capability as the winning team in MPL ID Season 7.

They controlled the entire course of the fight against Genflix in game 1. Watt and his friends were made powerless.

Luminaire and Antimage are the keys to EVOS in game 1. Both have their respective roles to dismantle Genflix’s defenses.

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Build game 1 Playoffs EVOS Legends vs Genflix Aerowolf

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Build game 1 Playoffs EVOS Legends vs Genflix Aerowolf

As usual, Antimage using Uranus played “bars” and broke Genflix’s defenses from within.

Its fast game rotation and strong resilience make it difficult for Genflix players to take it down.

While Luminaire has an important role when the team does war. Using Yve, he successfully controls the playing area.

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Clay (Selena) and Bottle (Claude) often find it difficult to enter and attack EVOS.

As a result. within 13 minutes EVOS succeeded in securing game 1. Luminaire was named MVP with a record of 7 kills and 7 assists.


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