Playing Aragami makes Gimbot miss the Tenchu ​​series

Gimbot really like it Games Ninja theme. Actually, it’s not just ninjas that Gimbot likes Games genre secretly in general, but the ninja theme has its own charm especially if we also like Japanese culture and visual design. In the old PS1 and PS2 era, the series was Tenchu was a favorite of Gimbot (and the younger brother of Gimbot’s relative who happened to be player also) to play when you need food secretly. Even if it’s already done, it’s still fun to play again.

Unfortunately, the name gradually becomes Tenchu sank and is now no longer on the market. Problems arise because of intellectual property ownership Tenchu often changed hands. Originally developed by Acquire and published by Sony, franchise This has been held up by a number of other companies such as Activision, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and even From Software.

Tenchu: Shadow Assassin | Source: MobyGames

As a result, the quality of the Tenchu ​​series is less constant. While Acquire, the original developer, switched to creating Games another ninja by the title Shinobido, but the quality can’t keep up either Tenchu. From Software has partnered with Acquire again to Tenchu: Shadow Assassin on Wii and PSP. Though not a complete mistake Games it has also failed to restore the series’ popularity Tenchu, and becomes the title Tenchu last published for more than 10 years.

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No title appears for a long time Tenchu New course drops Gimbot longingly as a fan, then try to find a title Games another ninja for his successor. Coincidentally, some time ago Aragami currently at a discount in the PS Store. Gimbot had read a number of articles that said that Games that is similar Tenchu, so Gimbot tried to play it. But it turns out Games this could not satisfy Gimbot.

Aragami, on the surface it’s similar Tenchu | Source: Steam

Don’t get me wrong, Gimbot didn’t say that at all Aragami is Games ugly. On the contrary, in fact Games it’s enough fun! Take on the role of a dark spirit who has the ability to manipulate shadows, Aragami managed to make Gimbot feel the tension secretly which is pretty unique. It is fun “flash” from one shadow to another, as well as the pleasure of successfully luring the enemy to one point and then performing Shinen Kill to eliminate them all at once, is undeniable. It’s just, still Aragami no Tenchu.

What does Tenchu effective isn’t just sneaking and pretending kill, but also everything else that complements the environment. As secretly kill has many variations of scenes depending on the direction and the way we do it, the breadth of the variations Ninja tools that we can either use for offensive purposes or outsmart the enemy, skills Taijutsu (Melee) that doesn’t make us feel helpless in the head-on duel, is an example of some of the series’ charms Tenchu but didn’t find Gimbot on Games Miscellaneous.

Tenchu not only funny but also stylish | Source: RomsMania

Tenchu is a complete package. Tenchu Put us in the shoes of a ninja of all abilities. High mobility, quiet conquering of opponents, the use of strange equipment, even the use of magic, everything seems to make myths about ninjas come true. And sometimes Gimbot can’t understand why it’s not there Games Another ninja who can be so complete? Every time Gimbot tries something Games Ninja theme, it always feels like something is missing. Then the longing was not satisfied, but Gimbot missed the series even more Tenchu.

In Aragami for example, we can indeed quickly move places, apply occult science, and occur secretly kill The animation is quite varied. But we can’t hang on the edge of the wall. Sounds unimportant? Maybe yes, but in the end this “deficiency” Aragami feels like Games incomplete. It’s like Gimbot is playing a title Tenchubut has not yet been developed.

Tenchu Turn the story of the ninjas into a drama | Source: Siliconera

After all, the “shortage” didn’t stop there. We can’t swim either. No variation Ninja tools. There is not any Taijutsu. And our characters cannot fight head-on at all because the enemy’s attacks are having an effect immediate kill. Gimbot understands that at the core Games This is secretly, but Tenchu Give us a fight option if secretly it went wrong. Aragami No. Aragami Gimbot feels like Superman, but all enemies have kryptonite swords.

This article is not review, and all of the things Gimbot mentioned above are not complaints Aragami. Once again, Aragami not at all Games the bad one, really. Indeed, if you like secretly, recommends Gimbot Games This is for you to try. Gimbot just bought it Games with the expectation that Gimbot will get something similar Tenchu, and Gimbot’s expectations were not met.

Though not exactly Tenchu, Aragami keep it up | Source: Steam

That means Gimbot’s search for a replacement Tenchu will go on, and Gimbot’s longing, which has lasted for more than a decade, is still incurable. Maybe the next gimbot will have to try Sekiro: Shadows Die Twicethat should have similar elements Tenchu (and also published by From Software). But this time around, Gimbot won’t set its expectations too high. let it be Tenchu continues to hold a special place in memories until one day the series returns.

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