Playing among us using VR is really fun!

Are you curious about the appearance of the VR version of Amusement As?

Among us The most famous games in 2022 are currently only available on PCs and smartphones.

The game isn’t available on consoles like the PlayStation or XBOX, but it still doesn’t stop this murder mystery game from holding the highest throne.

The game was able to reach billions of rupiah during a pandemic with just a PC and smartphone.

The number of players has decreased a little, but it is still used as a place to play with friends.

To get more attention, some creative YouTubers have created an interesting video uploaded with the theme “Between Us”.

One of them jar VR chat content is so exciting and interesting that it’s a fast-growing Youtuber.

Recently, he created a parody among us using a VR chat application where people get together using VR.

If you are interested in purchasing, please click the image above!

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Vr chat between us!

Jar played “Between Us” in 3D in a VR chat he created and played with his friends.

Interestingly, he also added the ability to use his fingers when playing between us in virtual reality.

This includes pressing a button, swiping a card, fixing a cable, and even using your finger to break into a vent.

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VR Chat itself is an application used as a group of chat rooms or groups using VR, and is also a controller for the 3D version.

In VR chat, you can operate it as you like, depending on the character you create and the background you provide.

Here the creativity of the jar is tested. He makes his character similar among us and the setting is like a spaceship in the game.

So what do you think? It’s fun to play Ein As in VR and 3D like that!

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