Player Rotation Is Not a Problem For EVOS

After being presented with an interesting match from ONIC Esports vs Bigetron Alpha, MPL ID S9 Week 7 Day 2 again continued with match 2 that brings together EVOS Legends vs Geek Fam.

EVOS Legends comes with player rotation by including Cr1te and Wyvorz in roster. While Geek Fam is still with roster his strongest is looking for a first win in MPL ID S9.


How was the result of the match between EVOS Legends vs Geek Fam? This is the recapitulation!

Games 1: Bullied by Masha, the Helpless Geek Fam


Geek Fam came with confidence after using Martis as jungler used by Hanz. Unfortunately, this does not make EVOS Legends nervous.

REKT that uses Masha as Roamers make Hanz can’t farming quietly. Almost all areas belonging to Geek Fam have been controlled by REKT alone.

Thanks to that, EVOS Legends managed to master early game without any resistance from the Geek Fam. It only takes one Lord, REKT et al. successfully locked games The first.

Games 2: Geek Fam Gives Resistance, EVOS Legends Was Overwhelmed

Rise from games first, Geek Fam hit back at EVOS Legends’ aggressive play thanks to Hilda Roamers from Rupture. Even Ferxiic who used Ling had difficulty doing farming.

This is in contrast to Hanz who is quite fluent in doing farming with Balmond jungler. Even some Turtles were secured by the Geek Fam.

Unfortunately, Geek Fam’s lack of calmness made EVOS Legends manage to get the moment to turn things around, until things finally turned around and Hanz et al. depressed.

Even though he had stolen the Lord, Clover and Kimmy managed to wipe out the Geek Fam troops so that Lord was in vain. war in the Lord’s area, Geek Fam’s last fight and EVOS Legends managed to destroy base against them.


That’s the recapitulation of match between EVOS Legends vs Geek Fam at MPL ID S9 Week 7 Day 2. One week left in Regular SeasonGeek Fam must evaluate immediately if they don’t want to finish the season without a single win.

MPL ID S9 Week 7 Day 2 closed with rematch Grand Final MPL ID S6 between RRQ Hoshi vs Alter Ego. Who comes out the winner?

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