Play Ins FFWS 2022 Ends, Meet the Best 12 Teams in the Finals!

The 2022 FFWS Finals stage has been pushed back to 30 May.


The 2022 FFWS Finals stage has been pushed back to 30 May.

GridGames.ID – Play-Ins Round The prestigious world competition event, Free Fire World Series 2022 Singapore, which was held on Friday (28/5) has ended.

A total of nine teams have fought for the top 3 teams to advance to the Finals.

The three teams that managed to get seats in the Finals which were scheduled for Sunday (30/5) at 19.30 were First Raiders Bravo, LOUD, and HQ Esports.

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One of the teams from Indonesia, First Raiders Bravo, made it to the Finals after struggling in the Play Ins round.

Surprisingly, this team managed to sit in the first place in the Play Ins round with one Booyah and get a total of 94 points.

FFWS new logo


FFWS new logo

Later, the three who get the best third place in the Play Ins chapter will meet nine teams who get a direct invitation at FFWS 2022 Singapore.

The 9 teams that received direct invitations were Burst The Sky, EVOS Esports ID, Fluxo, Geek Fam, LGDS, Phoenix Force, Silence, Team Aze, and VIP Esports.

There are a total of 12 teams from all over the world who will compete in the FFWS 2022 Singapore Finals.


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