Play Games Without Buying Gems? Really Can in Mobile Royale

Free Player Friendly Mobile Royale

Sometimes when we play online games, questions arise such as whether the games we are playing can be played by free players? and is this game pay2win? Investigate, it turns out that the Mobile Royale game is free player friendly. So those of you who don’t want to spend a little money for shopping in the game can still play this game.

Of course the goal of companies releasing games is to make a profit, and the way they make money can be in various ways. One of them is from in-app-purchase, aka shopping in the game. And in Mobile Royale, this feature is also available, you can get several kinds of extra conveniences that are not too overpowered or imbalanced. So you can still enjoy how exciting it is to build an empire in Vollandia even without top up gems.

Free Player Friendly Mobile Royale
Free Player Friendly Mobile Royale

So what should be done in order to enjoy this game without having to top up? the following are tips and tricks from the team

Collect Speed ​​up Booster without top up

You can collect speed up boosters without having to top up gems, mobileague friends. There are several types of speed up boosters that you can collect

  • booster speed up construction time
  • Booster speeds up the research process (research)
  • Booster speeds up the process of making equipment (Forging)
Free Player Friendly Mobile Royale
Free Player Friendly Mobile Royale
  • Booster speeds up the troop training process (training)
  • Booster speeds up the healing process (Heal)
  • Booster speeds up the trading process (Trade)

And the way to collect it can vary, most of which you can get through quest rewards in the game. After completing the quest you will get various kinds of prizes which there are also boosters. This booster is needed to speed up the growth process of your empire, guys, and can be obtained without having to spend money to top up.

How to get Free Booster

Here are ways to get a free booster without having to top up

  • Complete the main mission
  • Complete normal and elite campaign missions
  • Fight monsters on the world map (Monster Hunt)
  • Harvesting in Natural Resources on the world Map
  • Bartering / Trading at the Air ship Dock
  • Buy from the Guild Shop
  • Participate in weekly events if available
Free Player Friendly Mobile Royale
Free Player Friendly Mobile Royale

You can use these boosters to strengthen your empire.

There are more than 8 free heroes

There are at least 8 heroes that you can get for free without having to top up. You just have to follow the existing storyline while continuously improving the abilities of your troops.

Hero Name Class Job Troops Soulstone
Branor Paladin Infantry Elite Campaign
Saoirse Cleric Range Elite Campaign
Hawthorne Mountain Warrior Infantry Elite Campaign
Valenia Blademaster Infantry Elite Campaign
badaboom Bomber Critter Range Elite Campaign
Lorelei Shadowhunter Range Elite Campaign
Gargantor Metal King Infantry Elite Campaign
Jezebel Silent Killer Range Elite Campaign
Atlas Arcane Golem Cavalry Elite Campaign

Free Crystals

Play Games Without Buying Gems?  Really Can in Mobile Royale

Gems or crystals in the Mobile Royale game can also be obtained for free. But it’s not as easy as buying directly via top up because what you get is little by little. You can get Crystals from the following things

  • Fighting Monsters on the world map
  • Complete campaign missions
  • Complete the main quest
  • Trading on Air ship dock

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