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JSMedia – Anyone would agree that the Free Fire game will be addictive. Especially now that there is a new version, called Free Fire Max. However, to play the latest version requires FF Max 2022 activation code.

There are several advantages that the latest version of the Free Fire game has. In addition to the better quality with a better and clearer image display than the regular version. In addition, it is also anti-broken and the graphics are smoother. The explanation this time is about the activation code to play the Free Fire game.

What is the FF Max 2022 Activation Code?

What is the FF Max 2022 Activation Code?

Every gamers you can try the trial version of the Free Fire Max game or closed beta. However, to be able to try the trial version will require an activation code.

Luckily now the trial version period has long passed, so there is no need for an activation code if you want to try FF Max. But, there are some player asked for an activation code when trying Free Fire Max.

Please note that not all player will get an activation code. Only special players who get approval from Garena’s side can play FF ​​Max. The reason is because the game has not been officially released in Indonesia.

How to get the Free Fire Max 2022 Activation Code before the time passes

How to Get Free Fire Max 2022 Activation Code

When the probationary period or closed beta still valid. Get code Activation must do pre-registration. There is a special site that is used as a place for pre-registration so that you can play Free Fire Max.

Now code Activation is no longer needed, because the time closed beta already passed. So as not to be asked FF Max 2022 activation code, then the player must use a new account and a VPN from Malaysia or Vietnam.

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How to Download Free Fire Max 2022

How to Download Free Fire Max 2022

Want to try the Free Fire game without codes Activation! Currently Free Fire Max can be downloaded via the Google Play Store. However, Free Fire Max does not open its path in Indonesia, so create an account from Malaysia or Vietnam. Here’s how download Free Fire Max.

  1. Before downloading Free Fire Max, prepare a VPN first. There are different types of VPNs, but player can use a free VPN to save costs.
  2. Indonesia still doesn’t have access to Free Fire Max, so connect the VPN to a server owned by Malaysia or Vietnam.
  3. Create an account from Malaysia or Vietnam for convenience download Free Fire Max.
  4. Open play store on mobile. First, replace the Indonesian account you have with the newly created Malaysian or Vietnamese account.
  5. search games Free Fire Max in the search box in the play store. Then download and install game To make it easier to find game download link the.

How to Login Free Fire Max 2022 Game

How to Login Free Fire Max 2022 Game

After success install Free Fire Max 2022 game, players can open it immediately. However, you must use a Vietnam or Malaysia account that was previously created. Here’s how to log in to the Free Fire Max 2022 game:

  • Activate VPN on your cellphone
  • Use malaysian or vietnamese server
  • Open the Free Fire Max application that has been installed
  • Login Using new account
  • Congratulations, you have successfully logged in to Free Fire Max


Why do you have to use a Malaysian or Vietnamese account to play Free Fire Max?

The reason is that Indonesia does not yet have access to try out games Free Fire Max. If you don’t want to use FF Max 2022 activation code, then use a Vietnamese account when playing games the. If you are a true FF player, it is certain that you have to take part in the FF Jota event on August 7, 2022. The Indo Artist Skin that we made is auto-boosting, the damage isn’t great.

That’s the explanation about FF Max 2022 activation code. Though Games Free Fire has not been officially released in Indonesia, players from Indonesia can still play it. The condition is to use a new account. Especially accounts from Malaysia or Vietnam. Hopefully so games FF Max will be released soon in Indonesia.

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