Phoenix OS Kernel Update Tutorial

Phoenix OS Kernel Update Tutorial – One of the most popular x86 Android operating systems is Phoenix OS. Most users choose Phoenix OS over other x86 androids for its good performance, the handy mapping controller that Octopus uses, and a simple display.

Various popular games can be played smoothly on Phoenix OS, starting with Free Fire, PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9, Mobile Legends, and various other popular games.

Aside from that, however, Phoenix OS still has fewer compatibility issues with different types of devices. Some devices are having problems; B. the keyboard does not work, the WLAN does not work and much more.

One way to work around this is to update the Phoenix OS kernel to the latest version. With a kernel update, new drivers and firmware are embedded.

Kernel update utility

– improve performance
– Repair WiFi
– Repair the microphone
– Keyboard correction
– Fix cannot boot
– and other.

Several versions I’ve tried to upgrade the kernel

– Phoenix OS 3.0.8
– Phoenix OS 3.5.0
– Phoenix OS 3.6.0
– Phoenix OS ROC, ROC special edition
– Phoenix OS Scarlet XP, Darkmatter, TL etc.


– APT v2.70
Link: Google Drive
– Kernel files (official) :
Version 4.13.5
Link: Officially
Version 4.14.14
Link: Officially
Version 4.19.15
Link: Officially

– Kernel files (custom / unofficial):
Version 4.19.7 – Recommendations for PUBG Mobile
Link: Google Drive

Tutorial How to Update the Phoenix OS Kernel

1. Unzip the file, here I unzip it on Local Disk D :.

2. Copy files system.img from Phoenix OS to the folder in on APT.

3. Copy files to the folder Tools on APT.

4. Open the APT application and enter, then select 2 (Extract the system.img file) then Enter. Wait for the process to finish.

When you are done, press Enter and the unpacking results will be in the unpacking folder.

5. Next, dial the number 5 (PHONEIOS SPECIAL TOOLS), then Enter.

6. Choose G (Updated kernel version).

7. Then select the kernel version you downloaded before. There are kernel options 1 through 4 as I will be upgrading to a custom kernel which is version 4.19.7 so choose A(Special kernel) and then enter.

When you’re done, please enter d: apt, then the kernel file will be moved to the APT folder.

To see if the kernel has been replaced, please enter the folder unzip – system – lib – module

8. Next is to repack the system, choose 4th (Repack the system.img file) to repackage system.img.

9. Choose 1 (Repack System.img PhoenixOS) then Enter.

10. For the size, please select 2 GB by selecting 2 then enter.

Done, the system.img file with the latest kernel is already in the folder the end.

11. Finally, please copy the file Kernel which is located in the APT folder and in the files system.img located in the out folder into the PhoenixOS installation folder.

This is an article on the Phoenix OS Kernel Update Tutorial, good luck and hopefully useful. Don’t forget to share this article, and if there are any issues or tutorials that are not clear, please comment below.

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