Phoenix Armada, First Vainglory World Champion from Korea

Once again, South Korea showed its fangs in the world of E-Sports by winning its first World Champion title at the 2022 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP VAINGLORY event. Phoenix Armada, a team consisting of druid, Mango, holymonk, and bigpaws, managed to beat the famous team from North America, SoloMid with a final score of 4-2 in the best of seven match in the final tournament this time. With this win the Phoenix fleet cemented their position on the International scene and took home the bulk of the Prize Pool worth USD 120,000


In the previous season, Phoenix Armada has won several titles at once, namely VIPL Season 3, the VGL Korea Summer Championship and the Samsung Galaxy Vainglory Invitational at E3. Coupled with their success in winning the WORLDCHAMPIONSHIP VAINGLORY 2022 match, they have set the standard of the VainGlory professional team to a higher level.


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