Pew Pew Planet, Casual Arcade Mobile Game Just Released!

GridGames.ID – Pew Pew Planet, the latest casual arcade shooter game from goGame has just been released and is now available globally for iOS and Android.

This will see players take control of a fleet of ships called Guardian spaceships where they will then be tasked with shooting down enemies known as Minion.

The concept is very simple, as most of these casual games are meant to be.

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Each level will look several minion constantly rotating around the planets and gamers have to shoot a number of them.

Pew Pew Planet


Pew Pew Planet

The game will change to slow motion when gamers try to hit minion last to create and increase the tension a bit.

Besides, there is also power-ups which you can get to change the type of bullet that gamers shoot for multiple shots.

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