Pet Beaston FF has its weaknesses, here’s the information!

A new pet has come out, so BeestonIntroduced in the OB26 update, this pet has become one of Free Fire player’s favorite pets because it’s so useful.

Pets taken from monkeys Mandrill With a unique face that looks like a colored mask, the mandrill is considered to be the largest monkey in the world.

The size is also unusual in the game, quite large for the size of a pet found in a normal freefire, and wearing armor in a wide position.

Some players and streamers who reviewed this pet said that thanks to Beaston’s skills, Beaston was enough to make the atmosphere of war difficult.

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What are the disadvantages of Beaston?

Before we get into the shortcomings, let’s take a look at this big monkey pet skill again.This pet skill is named Helping hand This is very effective in helping players use and fight Throw Or a grenade.

Beastons can increase the throwing range of grenades, grenades, flash vans, and smoke grenades by up to 30%.

You can now rush into the enemy’s house by throwing a few grenades from a distance. This is very effective.

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Beaston Free Fire

Beaston can attack enemies from a distance without using bullets, spam An enemy with a grenade.

Unfortunately, not all players can use 140 diamond pets when looking at his skills like that.

As you can see from his helping skill, this skill is Rush You usually need a grenade or Gloo Wall to defeat the enemy.

Beeston Not suitable for use by support Or a player who likes to hide, which is a drawback for now.

The only suitable role for this pet is the Rusher role, and no other role is suitable for using Beaston with Free Fire.

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So what if you think about it? So far, do you like Beaston’s pets on Free Fire?

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