Pertamina Simolek, this is the full explanation

Pertamina Simolek

Pertamina Simolek – As one of the largest State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) and currently experiencing very good progress, Pertamina continues to strive for a more transparent and modern corporate governance system. After previously presenting the Sim3lon Pertamina system, now Pertamina also presents a new system called Simolek Pertamina. Maybe this is still foreign to some people

The simolek we mean is different from Simolex Apk which we discussed earlier. If the Simolex, which we spoke about previously, functions to open sites that are difficult to access or are blocked, then Simolex Pertamina is a 3 Kilogram LPG Distribution Monitoring System. Where the function is to monitor the distribution of 3kg LPG from the official agent to the base under the agent

The function of this system is as an effort to monitor the consumption of 3 kg LPG on target. As we know, gas is now one of the needs of households and companies in cooking matters. Meanwhile, LPG with green tubes or can be called LPG Melon is only intended for households or the poor. Then the Simolek system is certainly very important

Based on sources that we adapted from the official Pertamina website. So far, there are at least 3,400 agents and approximately 142,000 LPG distributor bases. Later from each base will spread to the shops and will eventually reach the community. With this system, Pertamina hopes that hotels, restaurants, industry and transportation will not use 3 kg LPG.

How Pertamina Simolek Works in the Field

After we know what Simolek Pertamina is, then next you must also know how this system works in the field. This is of course very important, especially for those of you agents, bases, or shop owners who sell LPG Melon. That way you will have important information and not misstep in distributing LPG and selling it to the general public

One of the main objectives of this system is to monitor that the distribution of 3 kg LPG is on target. as we know if this is a subsidy program. So if this is used by people with a good economy as well as companies in the medium and large scale, it will certainly be very detrimental to the government. Moreover, many from the lower middle class economy still use firewood and do not choose to use LPG.

This system will monitor that subsidized LPG is right on target and does not exceed the quota. Usually this monitoring is done by monitoring hundreds of thousands of bases through verification. Later, independent officers will come to the base to check and recheck, one of which is checking the ID card of the owner of the base. Checking is also emphasized on LPG sales activities

After checking in the field by an independent team, later the results from the verification in the field will be input into the Simolek system. That way Pertamina will have valid data regarding the database. then in its implementation it will be displayed in the form of data processing in order to carry out more focused monitoring.

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Up to this point, we think you are clear enough about the explanation that we have discussed in depth regarding this Pertamina Simolek. By reading this article carefully we hope you can take very important information regarding Simolek. That’s all and thank you for the attention.

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