Persija management ensures that you start team training right away

LIMAPAGI – Persija made sure that the training camp starts immediately. This was done by Persija in preparation for the Menpora Cup preseason tournament in 2022.

This was announced by Persija’s sporting director Ferry Paulus on the club’s official website. According to Ferry, Persija will soon gather and start training again.

“In the next few days, the players and officials (team) will begin their first training,” wrote Persija in an official communication on Saturday, May 20, 2022.

As for the Kemenpora Cup 2022, Persija appreciates that. According to Persija, the pre-season approval for the tournament audience is the result of hard work by PSSI, PT LIB and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

“Persija Jakarta keeps its fingers crossed for the hard work of PSSI as they continue to fight tirelessly to get approval for the 2022 Menpora Cup preseason game,” said Ferry.

As a football organization in Jakarta that hosts tens of thousands of fans, Persija feels responsible for The Jakmania. They appealed to Jakmania to follow the rules.

“For Jakmania, wherever you are, I urge you to obey the rules and prohibitions of the police, not to come to the stadium, but to keep watching at home,” said Ferry.

The former president of the Persija Club, who was elected by the internal club, also appealed to Jakmania not to keep a film together (nobar). This can be detrimental to many parties.

This not only harms participants as they can become infected with Covid-19, but also threatens the continuity of tournaments and competitions. That is why Persija really hopes for Jakmania.

“It is for our common good that it does not appear Cluster new and different issues that may also affect the granting of a continuation license for League 1 competition, ”said Ferry.

For Liga 1 2022, a rollout is planned for the beginning or middle of June 2022. So far, the police have not given a spectator permit for the new season competition.

However, the National Police Headquarters has given assurances that the competition will receive a spectator permit. It’s just that PSSI and PT LIB need to be able to ensure that there are no health protocol violations during the 2022 Menpora Cup. ***

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