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Persija Jakarta 2022/2020 DLS Kits

Persija DLS Kits – All football lovers in Indonesia or even in the world must be familiar with Persija or the Jakarta Football Association. The Pride Club of the citizens of the Indonesian Capital City has a long history and has a high rivalry with the pride of the West Java Community Club, namely Persib Bandung. Many even say that both of them are like El-Clasico in Spain between Real Madrid Vs Barcelona

Based on existing historical records, Persija is not a new football club in Indonesia or even a stealth club. This club was founded on November 28, 1928. Its age has exceeded the age of Indonesian independence. The thing that makes Persija survive and always participate in football competitions in Indonesia is none other than the good management and loyal supporters like Jak Mania.

Unfortunately, up to now Persija does not have a permanent stadium, even though currently Governor Anies Baswedan has been serious about building a BMW stadium, it is still unclear when the stadium will be built and when Persija will start grazing on the field. Persija is not the only club domiciled in Jakarta, besides Persija there is also Persitara which also has a long history

However, unfortunately Persitara was not as lucky as Persija. Where the big name Persitara is no longer in the highest competition of the Indonesian league. Apart from the history and information related to Persija, we will not discuss further, on this occasion we will only focus on sharing the Persija DLS Kit which is much sought after by gamers who play DLS and love Persija.

Persija Jakarta DLS Kit Review

DLS is a game with the soccer genre where players can become managers who can buy and build teams to be strong. Not only as a manager, players can also play to beat other teams or clubs that have also compiled the best team. Actually this is not the only game with a soccer category, you can play other soccer games such as PES, Wining Eleven or other brands

In addition to being required to form a strong club for each player’s version, each player is also required to prepare a kit or player costume equipment. Well, if you are looking for a Persija Kit, then it is very appropriate for you to visit or read this article. Because, on this occasion we will share Persija DLS Kits that you can download with just two taps and not complicated.

Download the Latest Persija Jakarta DLS Kit

The file that we have prepared is in the form of rar, so that the kit that we share can be opened on the smartphone you have, make sure you already have an application that can open files in the form of rar or zip. If you are ready, please download it directly from the link we have prepared below. Once again we emphasize, you will have no trouble downloading the Kit file that we share below


Please download on the button above and try to use it on the club you manage, we have prepared this kit for home, away and goalkeeper matches. Please use what you think is the best, for the orange dominant home jersey, and white for away

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The final word

In addition to Kits for Persija, you can also get Kits for other clubs. If you are really interested and want to try it, please just download it on the link that we have prepared and share before.

That’s all we can share and explain to you about Persija Jakarta DLS Kits. Hopefully what we share can be used well. Thank you and see you again in the future.

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