Persib Bandung DLS Kit Shopee Liga 1

Persib Bandung DLS Kit Shopee Liga 1

Persib Bandung DLS Kit – Of course we both know that Persib is one of the oldest football clubs in Indonesia, precisely in 1933 this club was founded with the spirit of sportsmanship in the world of sports. So far, there has been no proud achievement on the Asian or World stage. However, Persib is a club that is quite respected and feared by other clubs in Indonesia and even Southeast Asia

The pride of the Flower City club is not only the pride of the people of Bandung, more than that, the people of West Java and its surroundings also love and be proud of Persib. So, do not be surprised if Persib is the team with the largest number of supporters in Indonesia. Moreover, West Java is the province with the largest population in Indonesia and has even become one of the most populous in the world.

Not only that, Persib’s popularity based on Google Trends is the most popular club in the world beating world giants such as Barcelona and Real Madrid. Until now Persib has a high rivalry with the capital club Persija Jakarta, even the rivalry goes to the roots of the supporters. Well, for those of you who really love Persib, then you should play a soccer game, namely Dream League Soccer or DLS

By playing this soccer game, you will act as the manager of the Persib Bandung team in the game world. You can buy players and even determine the costume or jersey of your favorite club. For those of you who have played, of course, you already know or are even looking for a Persib Kit. Incidentally on this occasion we will share the DLS Persb Kit.

About DLS (Dream League Soccer) Kits

Previously we have discussed or shared Makassar PSM DLS Kit, if you also like the PSM club then you can download the kit in our previous post. Or if you have friends who are also supporters of the South Sulawesi community pride club, you can share this article with your friends so that you and your friends have the latest kit

As in the title of this article, we will share a DLS Kit for Persib Bandung. Of course you already know what a kit is, so a kit is a complete package that players wear on the field during matches. Incidentally what we share is the latest kit used in the Shopee Liga 1 match. This is the highest caste in the Indonesian football league.

Download Kit DLS Persib Bandung

We have also prepared a complete Persib Bandung costume for both home matches. Away games (away), goalkeeper costumes, and third costumes. That way your collection will be more complete to make your favorite club in the DLS soccer game look perfect and optimal with the use of the latest or greatest Kit. To download please click on the following link

Downloads | PERSIB DLS Kits

Please download and we wish you a happy download, by downloading the Kit, you will have the Persib Bandung Kit for free without being charged. You can also download at the link that we have prepared easily and without being long-winded. With just two clicks then you can get it

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The final word

If that’s all we can share with you, hopefully what we share with you is about Persib Bandung DLS Kit Shopee Liga 1 you can put it to good use. That’s all and see you again on the next opportunity.

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