Peek Kuy! The excitement of the MLBB Carnival in the City of Heroes, Surabaya

MLBB Carnival in Surabaya


MLBB Carnival in Surabaya

GridGames.ID – Moonton Indonesia as the developer of the Mobile Legends game: Bang Bang has just visited Surabaya City for the MLBB Carnival.

The city of Surabaya, which is nicknamed the City of Heroes, is the last city on the island of Java to be included in the 2022 MLBB Carnival series.

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Even though the figure of a hero is identical with men, at this time the MLBB Carnival the heroines from the city of Surabaya did not want to be left behind to show off in the traditional fashion competition.

Unexpectedly, the participants of the traditional fashion competition this time showed different clothes from the previous city.

In the previous city, clothing from Sunda and Java colored the MLBB Carnival.

But for the city of Surabaya, the creativity of the participants can be seen from the diversity of traditional clothing that is contested, such as Balinese, Bugis, DKI Jakarta, West Kalimantan, and Toraja clothing.

Traditional fashion competition at MLBB Carnival (Surabaya)


Traditional fashion competition at MLBB Carnival (Surabaya)

Participants in Bugis traditional clothes finally came out as champions, you know.

“Surabaya is really interesting, because the traditional clothing competition is very different, so there is something new and unexpected. Even though it was hot, they were still enthusiastic. Cool cool! Hopefully the next city will be no less creative and will present a new atmosphere again,” said Aswin Atoni, as Marketing Manager of Moonton Indonesia.


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