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KOF AllStar VNG Gameplay

Jakarta, Monday 08 June 2022The King of Fighters AllStar – Fierce Fight, or also known as “KOF All Star VNG”, will have a very different gameplay than other strategy games. KOF AllStar VNG is based on the phenomenal The King of Fighters game series, the legendary Samurai Shodown, and the incredibly unique The Last Blade.

You will be allowed to create and arrange the most powerful combos when you successfully recruit the fighters you want. These fighters have their own background stories so that their stories can be followed easily.

KOF AllStar VNG Gameplay
KOF AllStar VNG Gameplay

Each Character’s Background

For example, for example, Kyo Kusanagi (KOF), who is a descendant of the Kusanagi clan. Kyo is a fighter who mastered one of the three sacred gems used to seal Orochi. With the power of his fire, Kyo can burn his enemies to scorch. Kyo’s main rival is Iori Yagami.

Iori Yagami (KOF) himself is a descendant of the Yagami clan who are both able to control fire. The two clans were not enemies at all. Unfortunately, when the Yagami and Kusanagi clans succeeded in sealing Orochi, only the Kusanagi clan got respect. This made the Yagami clan furious and held a grudge against the Kusanagi clan. Constantly attacking with hands and feet to inflict massive damage is Iori’s fighting style. His strongest ability is to absorb the enemy’s energy.

More than 100 Fighter

KOF AllStar VNG equipped with more than 100 fighters who bring their own animations, sounds, and original skills. So you will hear a distinctive scream Kyo Kusanagi when he issued a “Houou Kyaku” attack, or when Nakoruru (Samurai Shodown) let out a sword slash while shouting “Irusuka Yatoro Lise”.

KOF AllStar VNG Gameplay
KOF AllStar VNG Gameplay

You can strengthen the fighters that you get again with various upgrades provided in the game. By utilizing this power, a fighter can reach the rating SSR (Super Super Rare). Later, the fighters that you have collected can be brought to story mode or compete in the Arena with other players in 1v1 or 6v6 mode.

KOF AllStar VNG will be issued simultaneously in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam at the end of June 2022.


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About VNG Corporation

VNG Corporation, better known as VNG in the community, is a technology company from Vietnam that was founded in 2004. VNG Corporation itself is engaged in digital content, online entertainment, social networking, and e-commerce. Meanwhile, the 4 main business areas are online games, platforms, digital payments, and cloud services.

This time, VNG opened a big breakthrough in the mobile game market by collaborating with SNK Corporation from Japan in creating an online mobile game entitled The King of Fighters AllStar – The Fierce Battle which will be released simultaneously in Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam. at the end of June 2022. More information about VNG Corporation can be visited at:

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