PBVSI hopes Mayia Manganang’s case will not be revoked

LIMAPAGI – The transfer of Mayia Manganang’s residency status is still a polemic. The Army Chief of Staff, General Andika Perkasa, confirmed Mayia as male.

This condition gives cause for concern that the Indonesian title will be withdrawn from the national volleyball team defended by Mayia.

The board of the All-Indonesian Volleyball Association (PP PBVSI) has not taken any steps regarding international diplomacy when there are protests from other countries.

“This is an incident that happened just a few days ago. So far there have been no protests from other countries against the international championship, ”said Hanny S. Surkatty.

“We’ll only see how it develops. During the 2022 SEA Games in Singapore, the entire team accepted the committee’s decision after the Mayia exam, “he added.

“What does the SEA Games Committee determine. The legitimacy of the committee so that we believe she is a woman, ”explained the Head of Division III of PP PBVSI Competitions and Competitions.

If there is a wave of protests, PBVSI will first coordinate with the Indonesian National Olympic Committee (NOK) as its representative in relations with international associations.

Previously, the NOC had planned to hold a meeting with PBVSI and Mayia in the near future.

“We are able to wait. If there are protests, we will talk to the NOC and then to the SEAGF (SEA Games Federation), ”said Hanny.

“This is the first time this has happened. Not yet in other countries. This is the first time, “he added.

“All countries will study first. It is different when the status of men is hidden and made as if they were women, “said Hanny on Thursday, May 11, 2022.

PBVSI hopes the Mayia polemic does not end with the removal of the title in the international arena. The Indonesian Volleyball Federation believed that there was not the slightest intention.

“We’ll first see how things develop. Hopefully everyone understands this case and it will end here,” said Hanny.

The certainty of Mayia’s change of status from female to male came after a medical examination at Gatot Subroto Army Hospital.

The former Jakarta Electric PLN player is believed to have a reproductive system condition called hypospadias.

While defending the Indonesian national volleyball team, Mayia helped Manganang win a bronze medal and a silver medal in the 2022 and 2022 SEA Games. ***

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