Pain Peko, Usada Pekora’s Cameo The Commoner’s Version Will Be Eliminated

It is confirmed through an official tweet from the Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo Dorei Majutsu anime that the Commoner’s version of the Cameo Usada Pekora will no longer appear in the BD version of the anime.

Through Isekai Maou’s official Twitter tweet, the cameo appearance of the commoner version of Pekora was confirmed to be removed from the BD production by the studio. Despite getting a very positive response, especially from VTuber Usada Pekora fans. The parties involved in the production of the Isekai Maou anime announced to remove the cameo, even though after meeting with COVER they did not mind the cameo at all.

Here is the official tweet from Isekai Maou’s official Twitter

Announcement of the removal of Usada Pekora's cameo in BD

Here is an English translation from one of the volunteers.

Maybe a screenshot of the Twitter text
Maybe a screenshot of one or more people's Twitter and text

Speculation that became the reason for the removal of Usada Pekora’s cameo

Unfortunately, even through this notification, it is not known for certain the reason for the removal of the commoner version of Usada Pekora’s cameo. However, netizens suspect that the appearance of the cameo character is unethical because it appears without any communication between the anime and Cover and Hololive management. Some netizens also suspect that the removal of the cameo is to avoid copyright infringement cases that occur in the future because the appearance of a character who is 90 percent similar to Usada Pekora was not previously discussed between the two parties so that there is no protection from copyright claims even though the COVER party and Hololive’s management doesn’t mind it.

Pain Peko, Pekora Gray will be removed in the BD version

The removal of Usada Pekora’s cameo as Easter Egg is not the first time

Unfortunately, the removal of Easter Egg Hololive after being released to the public is not the first time this has happened. In the game Doom Eternal, there is an easter egg dedicated to Inugami Korone by pressing a special serial code when opening the item screen. When the code is successfully entered, a screen that says DOOG will appear with the sound of a chainsaw behind it.

Unfortunately the easter egg is removed in the next patch. Although there is no official reason for the removal, the reason for copyright infringement remains a matter of speculation as to the reason for the removal.

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