Paid Features, Avoid Player, To Avoid Toxic Players in Dota 2

GridGames.ID – If you want to have the best experience when playing Dota 2, you can subscribe to the premium “Dota 2 Battle Pass”.

Reporting from The Verge page, Valve as the developer of the Dota 2 game presents one of the most important features ever made.

Players who purchased the Battle Pass can now use the Avoid Player feature which can keep you away from toxic players.

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Avoid Player is a good feature to avoid toxic players who when playing always fill the chat column with inappropriate sentences.

In fact, it is not uncommon to find toxic players who eventually become feeders in the game.

However, this feature is not the main thing that must be offered to all players for free, because Valve must make players pay a minimum of USD 9.99 to avoid toxic players, aka those who like to harass.

It’s easy to mute things, but Valve hasn’t taken basic steps to protect players who have been playing for 6 years.

Even old players know that there are many inappropriate words, even racist, from players who really like to say toxic sentences.

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Is this premium feature called Avoid Player worth paying for?

Even though this feature only avoids you from toxic players who only meet once in the game.


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