Oppo shows off the concept of a new smartphone with a slide model

NESABAMEDIA.COMOppo has filed a patent for a new smartphone that they will mass-produce later. on the moon last November, they have several times filed patents for folding smartphone products or folding phones. Now, Oppo has collaborated with a Japanese company called Nendo to present a new smartphone concept with slide mode or Slide Phone.

The design concept created by Oppo and Nendo describes a folding phone that is very compact unlike other folding smartphones out there. They revealed that their sliding smartphone will have the size of a credit card. It measures approximately 54mm x 84mm when folded and has three hinge-like features that can bend in the same direction.

The folding capability is envisaged that users will be able to open various folds of the cellphone using their thumb. Sliding the first fold will reveal a new 40mm screen, which is enough to view the time or clock, call history, notifications or the music player interface.

The next slide, will open a new 80mm screen in which there are a number of cameras. According to the designer, this slide will help users in taking photos or for making video calls.

Then in a completely unfolded state, the smartphone screen will extend until it finally measures 7 inches.

“In addition to playing videos with an operable side panel, users can also use a smartphone as a controller when playing games with panels on both sides. While in multi-task mode, the panel can be used to load various applications that are displayed sequentially and also in full-screen panoramic mode,” said Nendo in his official post.

This smartphone also has a stylus that is embedded between the body of the smartphone and can be removed if needed.

This Oppo innovation certainly looks very interesting, with the application of much more modern technology. The elegant design is also able to provide more value, as a high-tech smartphone.

However, there are still many who doubt that this smartphone can compete in the market when it is released later. But Oppo certainly will not stop at such a concept.

Check out the video of the sliding smartphone below.