Operation Cobra Free Fire (FF) Shiro’s release date!

Operation Cobra Free Fire (FF) Shiro’s release date!

In December 2022, Free Fire brought the Operation Chrono event in collaboration with Cristiano Ronaldo.

By the way, in May of this year, a new operation was renewed, and its name is Operation code: Cobra! s name operation This is the theme of the May OB26 FF update, that is Project cobra..

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Free Fire actually offers several times Teaser About the event. For those interested, this article will tell you when to start Operation Cobra.

Operation Cobra Release Date

Operation Cobra Free Fire FF

follow us countdown Opcode: Cobra event, visible directly from the in-game free fire, will begin on May 19, 2022!

The event reveals the latest FF character, Shirou, which players can obtain and use in-game.

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Of course, Shiro is not the only one to appear in Operation Cobra. There are still many events with other cool prizes that players can win.

Predator Cobra MP40 Evogan Skin, Glue Wall Cobra Initiative Skin, Legendary leather cobra..

Certainly, there will be more activities and cool prizes that players will find at this event. We need to wait for more information from Free Fire.

That is the release date of Operation Shiro’s Cobra Free Fire (FF)!Don’t forget to visit Spin website Follow your account for more information Instagram And Youtube we!

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