Opera GX Gaming Browser Comes to Mobile Devices, Check Out the Features!

After success on PC devices, Opera has now released the Opera GX gaming browser for mobile.

Opera released the Opera GX gaming browser with the aim of facilitating game streaming activities on mobile devices.

Opera claims that activities streaming games with services such as Microsoft xCloud and Nvidia GeForce Now can be more optimized in the Opera GX gaming browser.

Opera GX mobile can be run on iOS and Android platforms.

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The Opera GX gaming browser was originally only available on laptops, macs, and desktop PCs.

However, due to the significantly increased mobile gaming activity during the pandemic, Opera decided to bring Opera GX to iOS and Android devices.

Opera hopes that Opera GX can become the first choice of iPhone and Android users for streaming game activities and regular browsing.

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As a gaming browser, Opera GX has a variety of interesting features that can support user gaming activities.


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