Open World Wilderless RPG Game Coming to Android, Check Out the Leaks

GridGames.ID – After successfully penetrating the iOS market, now an open world RPG game titled Wilderless will soon be coming to Android devices.

Protopop as the developer of Wilderless is still providing some customization and development of this game for Android devices.

The plan, the stable version of the Wilderless game will be widely available in the middle of this year.

Initially, the Wilderless game was developed by Robert Kabwe and published Protopop for iOS devices in November 2022.

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Wilderless offers a unique gaming experience that we will not find in other games.

In this game, there are no enemies, quests, mission, or something.

The only thing the player can do is explore the open, beautiful and vast wilderness.

Players can build houses, ride horses, or just enjoy the beautiful wild scenery.

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