Oops, Riot Games Officially Examined For Alleged Discrimination

Secretly, it turns out that Riot Games is still facing a legal case

Secretly, it turns out that Riot Games is still facing a legal case

GridGames.id – League of Legends developer Riot Games is currently facing a legal case regarding gender discrimination in the workplace.

This case resulted in a mass strike because the company forced its employees to attend arbitration or out of court instead of attending court.

As it turns out, Riot Games has now officially been vetted under the supervision of the California Department of Employment and Employees.

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The California government through this department legally requires Riot to hand over employee data.

This data is asked to find out whether female employees actually receive less income than male employees.

Riot Games was forced to provide the data under legal coercion considering that they were not willing to provide the data voluntarily.

Kevin Kish, Director of the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) in his statement stated that DFEH is authorized to conduct investigations related to alleged violations of civil rights.


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