Oops, Call of Duty: Mobile No Longer Supports Additional Controllers

Activision removes controller support for COD: Mobile

Activision removes controller support for COD: Mobile

GridGames.id – Game Call of Duty: Mobile has been officially released for Android and iOS.

The euphoria of the players was felt on social media within the game itself.

However, in addition to the happy news, it turns out that there is sad news for the players to accept.

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Because, COD: Mobile can no longer use an additional controller or joy stick.

This news was delivered directly on the official Activision Support Twitter page.

Activition did not explicitly tweet the loss of the feature, but responded to users who questioned controller support.

Activision said the feature was removed through the latest app update.

When trying to access it, the ‘Controller’ column that previously appeared is replaced with ‘other’ in the Settings menu.

Display settings in COD: Mobile

Display settings in COD: Mobile

Citing GameSpot, it is not known whether the loss of this feature is temporary or permanent.


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