Only 6% of companies in Indonesia whose leaders are digitally literate, the rest?

According to Dell Technologies’ Digital Transformation Index, only 6% of companies in Indonesia are in the digital leader category.

Then only 4% of Indonesian corporate leaders believe that they are pioneers of change rather than followers.

Dell EMC Realize 2022

Dell EMC Realize 2022 Exhibition

Companies in Indonesia Are Still Worried About Future Changes in Customers

Dell EMC Realize 2022

Dell EMC Realize 2022

Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index (DT Index) in collaboration with Intel conducted research on the progress of digital transformation in several Indonesian companies, both medium and large scale.

Then 57% of business leaders in Indonesia are still having trouble meeting the demands of customers who are still changing for the next 5 years and 27% of companies are worried about losing the competition.

The following are the results of the DT Index on Company Performance

Dell EMC Realize 2022

Press Conference Dell EMC Realize 2022

The opinions of the researched companies regarding their performance are:

  • An important factor of a digital business.
  • Existing IT strategy.
  • Workforce transformation strategy.
  • The company’s planned investment.

In 2022 Dell Technologies and Intel doubled their research scope from 16 countries to 40 countries. This research compares 4,600 businesses, guys, here are the categories:

From the table it is clear that there are several companies that have mature digital plans and innovations. In addition, there are also companies that are still considering digital transformation.

What Are the Barriers to Digital Transformation?

Dell EMC Realize 2022

Dell EMC Realize 2022

According to the DT Index, 94% of companies in Indonesia admit that they are still worried about obstacles when carrying out digital transformation. Well, here are some of the barriers to digital transformation:

  • Data privacy and cybersecurity that is easy to break into.
  • Lack of budget and resources.
  • There are regulations and rapid changes.
  • Lack of appropriate technology and according to needs.
  • Lack of experienced personnel in the company.

Paul Henagh as Vice President, Data Center Solutions, Asia Pacific & Japan, DELL EMC said “The digital era has started to change and we have to reorganize our business. Therefore, digital transformation must be accelerated.”

Then, How Can Companies Overcome the Challenges of Digital Transformation?

Dell EMC Realize 2022

Dell EMC Realize 2022

From the results of this research, Indonesian companies must take important steps to overcome the obstacles that will occur. The percentage data on how companies are able to overcome these obstacles are as follows:

  • 67% of companies in Indonesia use digital technology to accelerate new product development.
  • 46% of businesses include security and privacy settings on all devices.
  • 49% have undertaken appropriate internal knowledge and expertise development. Like coding training to its staff.
  • 50% by increasing the knowledge of IT leaders with business skills.

Now, various companies have turned to emerging new technologies and cyber security to drive digital transformation.

There are also those who are planning to experiment with new technologies. The data percentage is 21% investing in blockchain, 22% in quantum computing and 23% in VR/AR.

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