Only 5 Minutes! Here’s How to Send Applications Via WhatsApp on Android

Sending applications, currently not only through SHAREit, guys. But, you can also send applications via WhatsApp. Then, how to send an application via WhatsApp?


Sending Applications Via WhatsApp

We will discuss it in the following article guys, just take a look at the article!

How to send an application via WhatsApp without an application

If you have a raw application on your cellphone, then you can send the application via WhatsApp without being complicated by using this one method, guys.

  • First, Open the WhatsApp application that you are using. For example, SmartTips uses YoWhatsApp.
  • Second, If it is already open, please open the chat of the friend you want to send the application to. Then then, you select the attachment icon next to the camera icon and select ‘Documents’.

Open Friend Chat, Then Select Attach Icon and Select ‘Document’

  • Fourth, After the document is open, select the raw application that you want to send. Then select ‘SEND’.

Select Application, Then Select ‘SEND’

  • Fifth, That’s it. Hold the application successfully sent to your friends.

Application Successfully Submitted

How to Send Applications Via WhatsApp Using Applications

What if you don’t have the raw application on your cellphone? Don’t worry guys, you can still send the application via WhatsApp using a third-party application.

By using this application, you can also send big videos on WhatsApp, guys. The following is a detailed explanation of the steps to send an application via WhatsApp!

  • First, Install the ShareCloud application on your cellphone.

    Install ShareCloud App

  • Second, If it’s already installed, open the app and provide a username for the ShareCloud app account.

Enter Username, then select ‘Start’

  • Third, After providing a username, you select ‘Application’ on the main ShareCloud page.

Select ‘Application’

  • Fourth, Then select which application you want to send to your friends. Then, select the three-dot icon on the side of the application and select ‘SHARE’.

Select the Three Dots Next to the Selected Application, Then Select ‘Share’

  • Fifth, The next step is, you choose which version of WhatsApp is used to chat. For example, here SmartTips using YoWhatsApp.

Choose the WhatsApp Version You Are Using

  • Sixth, Find the contact of the friend you want to send the application to. Then, click the send icon in the middle right corner.

Select a friend’s contact, then select the send icon

  • Seventh, The application was successfully sent to your friend.

Application Successfully Submitted

So, how are you guys? How easy is it? If there are criticisms and suggestions, please write in the comments column yaa.

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