Online Game Jockey, a Seductive Profession in the Middle of Game Development

Illustration of playing games on a smartphone

Illustration of playing games on a smartphone

GridGames.ID – In online game, usually there is rank or tier who can judge how we play, whether pro or noob?

Often times such an assumption is applied by some people who are addicted to online game.

Moment “push” himself, sometimes even got consecutive defeats that led to his decline rank or tier in games.

People who experience this choose an alternative to using the services of a jockey online game which are usually opened by professional players or people who are able to play game-its no doubt.

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Reynaldo Haris Pratama, jockey online game say, addicts games deliberately hired the services of a jockey to raise the rankings because they wanted to look great among the players online game other.

“Account ranking becomes prestige for players online game,” said Reynaldo, which GridGames quoted from the page.

Even Reynaldo said that some people deliberately asked the jockeys for help so they could join the competition because in general, competition online game apply certain level achievement requirements to participants to pass the qualifying round.


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