Online business? It is mandatory to know the definition of hosting and its types so that your business runs smoothly

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JSMedia – If you enter the IT world, you will be very familiar with the term hosting. Actually there is hosting understanding in particular. However, a lot of people who work in IT don’t really prioritize this understanding, because the most important thing is the performance of a website.

But if you are still a beginner, then you must understand the meaning of the term hosting itself. So if you find the term, you can already have a general idea.

Definition of Hosting and its Types

You will find the term hosting very often when you are struggling with the IT world, especially those related to websites.

However, generally almost everything that has to do with IT always has something to do with the website. So, we can say understanding hosting is very important in the IT world.

1. Definition of Hosting

1. Definition of Hosting

In simple and easy-to-understand language, hosting is an online service that can help you share or publish content on your site.

In other words, when you use hosting, it means you are renting a service to be able to publish content. All data that you have when you are publishing content will be stored in the hosting such as images, text, scripts, and others.

Without using a hosting service, you will not be able to upload content to the internet. It can be likened to hosting is a home for the data that you upload to the internet. Without a house, the data cannot be stored and cannot be published.

You need to know, many judge that hosting is the same as a domain. Though the two are very much different, even though the two cannot be separated at all.

Domains do more to make it easier for people to get to the sites you manage. It can also be said that hosting is the home of all the data you have on the internet. Domain is the address of the house so that people who want to see the data in the house can get to their destination.

2. Types of Hosting

2. Types of Hosting

Besides having to understand hosting understanding, you should also start to know the types of web hosting. Because when you are going to use a hosting service, there are lots of options available.

If you don’t learn it first, you will be very confused. Given that each type of hosting has a different function. All will be tailored to the needs of your website. Here are the types:

1. Shared Hosting

The first type is Shared Hosting which is the most widely used on sites currently circulating. If you are still new, then we recommend using this Shared Hosting.

One of the reasons is because the rental fee is very affordable. Because the server used is shared with many users. Suitable for those of you who do not intend to commercialize everything.

However, the disadvantage is that Shared Hosting will experience problems when traffic visits are very high. So when the number of visitors increases, you have to start improving the hosting service.

2. VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server or virtual server without using a physical form. This type of VPS Hosting is also still experiencing server sharing. However, the distribution is greater so that the website’s performance will be even better.

VPS Hosting will make you feel as if you are using Dedicated Hosting, because the allocations given are quite capable. In addition, your site is also protected from the risk of being down when traffic is very high.

3. Cloud Hosting

A further improvement from VPS Hosting is Cloud Hosting which is rated better. In today’s era, Cloud Hosting is often the choice because there is no risk of downtime when traffic is high. The source allocation can be adjusted to what you want.

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4. WordPress Hosting

Next there is WordPress hosting which is another version of the type of Shared Hosting. The difference is that this type is more specifically for WordPress website users. This type also has a very complete feature and its use is very easy.

5. Dedicated Hosting

This becomes the most powerful hosting service because you can physically own the server. You could say you have a server without having to share it again.

You can fully manage the server configuration. However, the cost is quite expensive and quite balanced with the benefits.

Understand hosting understanding very important especially if you are more often in the IT world part of the website. Understanding hosting issues will also make you wiser in choosing hosting services when needed.

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