ONIC Dorian acknowledges that he has been invited by EVOS Esports to join.

ONIC Dorian acknowledges that he has been invited by EVOS Esports to join. The transfer of Mobile Legends players, especially the Indonesian Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) team, is one of the most interesting issues being discussed in the Indonesian Mobile Legends community.

Especially after MPL Indonesia Season 5, many MPL Indonesia teams are bringing in new ammunition to improve their team’s performance in MPL Indonesia Season 6, which is likely to take place next August.

Among the hottest transfers after MPL Indonesia Season 5 were Udil, who left ONIC Esports for Alter Ego, and Pendragon, who joined EVOS Esports.

Recently, very shocking information came later, and one of the ONIC Esports retainers, ONIC Drian, revealed some interesting information when livestreamed on Nimo TV with Luminaire, Donkey, and Oura.

ONIC’s Dorian said he wanted to wear an EVOS uniform, but he couldn’t do it until now. Even Dorian was contacted by EVOS Esports to join EVOS and said he was immediately rejected by ONIC Esports.

“I’ve always wanted to join EVOS, but I couldn’t. After MPL Season 5, EVOS contacted me and ONIC said,” Durian is not for sale. “

But I’m fine here. Yes, I want to win again. Maybe I’ll be at ONIC for the rest of my life (laughs), “explained ONIC Dorian in a live stream.

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Source: MPL Indonesia

ONIC Dorian himself seems to be enjoying ONIC Esports and will continue to use the hedgehog logo to perform at his best for the team. Don’t forget to keep visiting our website to get the latest eSports news and follow us on Facebook.

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