One Piece Series Photo Leaks on Netflix, There’s a Going Merry and a Baratie!

One Piece be the next anime that will get adaptation live action Netflix, following several other anime such as Fullmetal Alchemist, Gundam, and much more. The good news is, the latest leaked information behind the production of this Netflix series has just leaked on the internet.

Launching from Twitter account @OP_Netflix_Fanhe shared some leaked photos that seemed to be taken from the set of the series One Piece live actionwhich shows properties such as ships that will be present in it.


You can clearly see how it looks Going Merrythe legendary ship used by the Straw Hat pirates at the start of their adventure.

going merry one piece netflix
The shape of the Going Merry

The shape doesn’t really resemble the anime version, because the ship is made more realistic without losing its trademark. For example, the head of a sheep is still attached to the front of the ship, although the shape is slightly different.

There is also a photo of the ship that is thought to be Baratie, a restaurant floating on the sea that is the “home” of the Straw Hat crew’s chef, Sanji. You can see the design of the ship that resembles a fish head which is very similar to the anime, but the construction of the ship seems to be still unfinished.

Baratie one piece netflix
Baratie restaurant which is still under construction

In addition to the ship, the Twitter account also shows the shooting location which is suspected to be Loguetown, the small town where Gol D. Roger was born. The tower that is used as the execution place of the inventor of the One Piece treasure seems to be being worked on by the film crew.

The tower suspected to be the place of execution of Gol D. Roger

There are also several other photos that show smaller details of the place, such as a sign with a news report saying that Garp had caught the pirate king, the door of the navy dining room, and a small alley in one corner of Loguetown.




Although the release date has not yet been announced, there is some information that has been confirmed by the series live action this, like Eiichiro Oda, the original author of the manga One Piecewho will act as executive producer.

In addition, several characters have also found their roles, such as Shanks, who will be played by actor Peter Gadiot, and Garp, played by Vincent Regan.

The two of them will be joined by the main actors playing here, including Iñaki Godoy (Luffy), Mackenyu (Zoro), Taz Skylar (Sanji), Emily Rudd (Nami), and Jacob Romero Gibson (Usopp). There are also several other actors who are confirmed to be involved in this series, such as Morgan Davies (Koby), Ilia Isorelýs Paulino (Alvida), Jeff Ward (Buggy), and McKinley Belcher III (Arlong).

Details of the story of this series have not been revealed. But looking at the lineup of characters that will be present, as well as the title of the first confirmed episode titled Romance Dawnit is certain that serial One Piece This Netflix version will retell Luffy’s journey in search of his pirate crew from the beginning.

So, who is getting impatient waiting for the adventures of Luffy and his friends in the form of live action? While waiting for the Netflix series, don’t forget to read the manga chapter latest. A little leak, the biggest secret of the devil fruit that Luffy ate was finally revealed!

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