One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoiler: Raizo Executes His Big Plan

Manga One Piece getting closer to the top arc Wano. A number of chapter previously managed to make fans commotion, because the fight between Kaido and Luffy is nearing the end and will fight it out in the near future.

Remembering the fun chapter 1045, good news manga One Piece chapter 1046 will air this week without a break. As usual, spoilers about chapter then it has started to spread on the internet a few days before its official release.


Unfortunately, related details chapter only this time not as much as usual. Even so, we have summarized the details spoilers chapter 1046 from various sources. What will happen this week?

Raizo Executes His Grand Plan

raizo One Piece Chapter 1046

Manga One Piece chapter 1046 will be titled “Raizo“. Following the title, chapter this time it seems that the focus will only be on Raizo’s character.

He is told that he will begin to execute his grand plan, which is to extinguish the fire that began to devour the entire island of Onigashima. Because as we know, Onigashima island experienced a big fire caused by Kanjuro.

In some chapter Previously, the dying Kanjuro was asked by Orochi to burn the Kozuki clan’s underground graveyard, which turned out to be the island’s armory.

Before collapsing, Kanjuro manages to draw his last painting which turns into a huge monster called Kazenbo, which can burn anything in its path.

In the midst of recounting his attempts to extinguish the fire, chapter 1046 also still shows the fierceness of the peak battle between Luffy and Kaido. The battle will be more exciting because Luffy has now unlocked Gear 5 at once awakening from his devil fruit.

Luffy Gear 5

Chapter it will close with a panel showing Kaido, but it’s unknown what he does at the end. Unfortunately, next week manga One Piece sure vacation.

This has been Oda’s habit for a long time, where he often shifts the focus of the story to other characters, just when arc the story enters the climax of the fight between Luffy and his great enemy.

Take for example when Luffy just introduced Gear 4 in arc Dressrosa and enter the final battle against Doflamingo. In chapter next, Oda shifts the focus of the story to the character Gatz, the host of the Colosseum match, while showing the two’s increasingly heated battle.

Previously, some chapter last manga One Piece succeeded in making a scene on the internet, because Oda finally exposed a new fact that had been hidden so far: Luffy’s devil fruit is not Gomu-Gomu No Mi, but Hito-Hito No Mo, Model: Nika.

That’s right, it turns out that he ate a Zoan-type devil fruit that has the most power absurd. In fact, the world’s governments have tried to secure the fruit for 800, but to no avail. The fact of the fruit and its relationship with Joyboy, seems to be increasingly revealed in the near future.

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