On September 23, 2022, Fire Server will be undergoing free maintenance again. How long is it?

Today, Free Fire is a hit again with server maintenance!

As promised a few days ago, the biggest update to Free Fire (FF) will be released shortly.

This day, date September 23, 2022 To be precise, the OB24 Free Fire Update will be included in the game soon.

Of course, players are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this latest patch and can’t wait.

With this new update New characters, new pets, new weapons and more.

As we know, the FF server will be turned off to allow you to enter new updates maintenance temporary.

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Want to get Diamond MLBB, FF PUBG UC? Join the game now!

When is the free fire maintenance server today?

when Server maintenance, Players cannot participate in and play the game.

They receive a message similar to the following: “The server will be available soon.”

So don’t worry if you see such a message. Today is regular maintenance.

As already shared on Instagram @ freefirebgid, Maintenance will start at 11.00 WIB Until the end.

Looking at SNS in other countries, the FF server is 5 hours For maintenance.

But ok, with the latest updates and lots of prizes, you’ll never be disappointed in 5 hours.

What’s new in the OB24 patch update

For everyone who tried to get inside Advance Server FF You can see what’s included in this new patch yesterday.

Of course, new characters will also appear Jai Someone who welcomes us, Rocky’s new pet, It is said to be very compatible with DJ Alok.

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Ready to pick you up Two new characters Who will participate in this patch besides Jai!

If you are interested, please wait until this afternoon or evening. You can play this latest patch right away.

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