Omen Valorant’s new bug offends Ace!

Omen Valorant’s new bug offends Ace!

Since the 1.07 Valorant patch update, many players have discovered new bugs in the game’s agents released by Riot Games.

This bug is most common on many players’ favorite agents, the Omen.

With update 1.07, Omen encountered a bug that allowed it to teleport the spawn barrier at the beginning of each round. After confirming this bug, Riot immediately disabled Omen and fixed the bug.

However, with Valorant’s latest 1.08 patch update, Omen doesn’t seem to have been released from the bug yet, as the agent re-encountered a bug found in Valorant’s very popular streamer Stream Aceu.

Aceu Stream Orm Bug

Aceu is a Valorant streamer on Twitch every day. In one of his streams on September 21, 2022, he witnessed a very shocking bug against Omen.

While playing as Attacker After entering Ascent Map Site A on Ascent Map, Aseu was hiding until he saw Omen perform the (teleport) skill of the shroud step.

When Omen is activating the skill, there is a shadow marking where the agent comes out.

Aseu who saw the shadow stood up immediately CrosshairsThe place where Omen appears. However, after Omen teleports, his character is just to the left of the shadow.

As a result, Aseu’s firing was off the mark, and Aseu was killed by Omen.

This was very surprising to Aceu.

Facts about the sign bug

In fact, the Omen bug had occurred before, but this is the first time it has been published on the Aceu stream.

Riot Games hasn’t issued a statement about the bug yet, but it’s known for its quick response. feedback From the Valorant community. So it’s not surprising that the bug from Omen is immediately justified.

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