OG Ceb acknowledges that Team Secret is the best team at the moment.

OG Ceb acknowledges that Team Secret is the best team at the moment. During the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Dota 2 tournaments must be held online.

There is one team that dominates online tournaments, especially CIS and the European region, Team Secret. This team really set a record when the tournament was online.

Even the greatness of Team Secret was recognized by the OG of flaner, who won the International award twice in a row (TI 8 and TI 9). Sebastian “Cebu” Debs, Cebu is not the kind of person who easily compliments other teams.

The secret of the OG Cebu team
Source: ESL

In response to a question from the QO at ESL One Germany 2022, the QO asked the OG, “Are you ready to teach Team Secret lessons?”

Teaching lessons to Team Secrets can be a daunting task. To that end, I think it is necessary to get in shape. At this point, we’ll do our best and probably challenge them a little more, but I think they’re the best teams at the moment and definitely the ones to beat. “

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Team secret
Via photo: AFK gaming

Not only did Team Secret itself win eight consecutive tournaments, but Team Secret was able to beat the enemy with a score of 3-0 in the finals.

See if the OG or other team can defeat Team Secret or Team Secret wins in this ESL One Germany 2022 tournament.

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