Often Scorned Can Only Use Ling, RRQ Alberttt: They Like It

RRQ Albertt


RRQ Albertt

GridGames.ID – RRQ Alberttt’s greatness in using Ling’s hero is unquestionable.

Many have acknowledged the shrewdness of the alien baby when using Ling in the Land of Dawn.

Both from fellow pro players, coaches, and Mobile Legends streamers.

No wonder if there is a team that meets RRQ Hoshi, then Ling is definitely auto banned.

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Unfortunately, Alberttt’s prowess in using the Assassin-type hero has even become a scorn for netizens.

They say that Alberttt is only great and can only be with one hero, namely Ling.

But when using another jungler hero, Alberttt’s game is not that great or even seems ordinary.

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