Officially, there are 6 teams qualified for the MPL ID Season 6 Playoffs.

Finally, over the years, it has become possible to know which teams will play in the MPL ID Season 6 Playoffs.

In reality, there is still a week before the team passes in the regular season rounds.

However, considering the bottom two teams, it is unlikely that the points of the top six teams will be exceeded.

Therefore, it is certain that they will not participate in the MPL ID Season 6 playoffs.

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Playoff team mpl season 6

So what are the teams that got the right to qualify and the teams that didn’t get the right to qualify for the playoffs?

The two teams that were not officially qualified based on the official ranking issued by the MPL Season 6 Committee Aura fire and again Geek Fam ID..

Their negative points are so many that they have only one week left to overtake the top six teams.

Meanwhile, the six teams that participated in the MPL Season 6 playoffs Genfrix Aerowolf, Evos Legend, Bigetron Alpha, Onic esports, RRQ Hoshi, And Alter ego.

Especially in the case of Alter Ego, points will not be able to catch up in 1st place, so it will be in the top position in MPL ID Season 6.

After that, they will play first in the 7th week and proceed to the playoffs in mid-October 2022.

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