Officially Licensed Pokemon Pikachu Shaped Fishing Buoy For Sale

Pokemon shaped fishing float

Youtube/ DUO JAPAN

Pokemon shaped fishing float

GridGames.ID – Fishing has been a part of Pokemon since the original game was first released for GameBoy in the mid 90’s.

Now, The Pokemon Company brings the Pokemon fishing experience to the real world with float or bait items in the form of Pikachu and Kyogre.

This fishing buoy has an official license made by the Japanese fishing lure company, Duo International.

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This uniquely shaped tool will reportedly be available in Japan starting in the spring of 2022.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known whether this buoy will be sold worldwide or only in Japan.

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If this exclusive buoy is only available in Japan, it means Pokemon products that have the same fate as the giant Pikachu and Meowth dolls that have been sold.

The doll was once produced in the form of a Gigantamax inspired by Pokemon Sword and Shield.


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