Official! Netmarble Releases Its Newest Game ‘StoneAge World’ Globally

GridGames.ID – Netmarble is pleased to announce that it has officially released its newest game StoneAge World today (18/6) globally in 172 countries.

For those who don’t know, StoneAge World is the IP of the Stone Age game which was also developed by Netmarble.

This game has a pet collection concept and a role-playing game (RPG) system.

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These two concepts are combined together with a fun and adventurous MMO experience set in prehistoric times.

In this game which is set in Tectonica, players will take on the role of a “Trainer”.

The Trainer itself is a powerful Warrior who is responsible for protecting Tectonica from enemies by collecting, taming, and training Pets.

In StoneAge World, you can find more than 250 Pets ranging from dinosaurs, woolly mammoths, pigs, wolves, and many more.

You are invited to explore the uniqueness of prehistoric society and protect Tectonica from the threat of mysterious enemies originating from the Machine Civilization.

Stone Age World is a new mix of mobile games and a collection of Pets that appeals to players of all generations, all with a pleasing visual aesthetic that is different from other MMORPGs. We are very happy to finally be able to release this game globally for players around the world,” said Joon Sung Chang as Executive Producer of Netmarble.

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