Official! Konami Announces Atalanta As New PES Club License

Atalanta's newest PES club license official poster

Atalanta’s newest PES club license official poster – A recent news has come from Konami which has announced that Atalanta will be included in one of the newest PES club licenses.

This was announced directly by the popular game development company through its official website.

For those who are interested in reading the official announcement from Konami, you can access it on the site

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Previously, Konami already had PES club licenses from several other Italian teams besides Atalanta, such as Juventus, AS Roma, and Lazio.

In fact, some time ago Konami also just inaugurated Napoli as the newest PES team license.

Now, not long after the inauguration of Napoli, Konami has again informed the public that they already have a PES club license for another Italian team, namely Atalanta.

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By joining Atalanta as a PES club license, Konami will have special rights to this team.

Then, what special rights will Konami have from the Atalanta team?


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