OBS hiring guide to become a game live streamer

To become something Live streamer is everyone’s dream now. But quite a few also fail to get one Live streamer because of the limited tools they need. In addition, a high-performance PC specification is also required for PC users to play games while gaming Live streaming smooth.

Talk about it Live streaming, one of the applications that is currently a must-have is OBS or it can be abbreviated as Open Broadcast Software. For beginners, using OBS is a pretty smart move considering that this application is pretty easy but effective Live streaming.

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But before you do Live broadcast, OBS must be set first. Gimbot will provide instructions on how to set up OBS so that it can be used Live streaming.

*The settings we provide are just basic. If you want something better, there are several sources you can learn from

Download OBS


The first guide is that you need to download OBS first. To download OBS, all you have to do is go to the official website. Later, after going to the official website, all you have to do is choose which operating system you want to download for.

If you are using Windows, all you have to do is click on it and OBS will be downloaded to your PC automatically. This first step is of course the easiest.

Download OBS here

Start doing something settings OBS

Once you’ve downloaded it on your PC, all you have to do is install it like a normal program. When you’re done all you have to do is open it up and OBS looks pretty simple, but on the one hand it’s also pretty complicated. It takes patience to be able to set the OBS correctly.

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To set OBS, the first step is to create a scene first. In the picture below you can see how to create a scene. Then just name the scene you want.


For those who want to do it Live broadcast, the conditions that you have are of course very simple and do not have to be expensive. Here are the items you will need to do this Live streaming about OBS!

  • Microphone capacitor
  • Quite a powerful PC
  • Headset or speaker
  • Webcam, Camera or similar (for those who want to make faces when Live broadcasting)
  • Good and stable internet network

Setting the game recording

Evil in 2

The first step you do is set up Game Capture. This is a mandatory step as you will a Live streamer Games so take every moment Style of play is a duty. To set up or view Game Capture, all you need to do is follow these steps.

In the Source column, all you have to do is click the + sign and then select Game Capture and rename according to what you want.


If you follow these steps, you already can Style of play
when you run Games-his. To be able to display Games what you want in OBS you have to do first Games First, follow the steps below.

After you’ve created a Source Game Capture, click on it and select Capture Specific Windows in the Mode section. Many programs will appear later in the window pane and you just select the name of the game you are playing. After that, Game Capture will automatically capture the screen Style of play Games what do you play

Set the audio input recording

To use audio input capture, you need a condenser microphone. This is a special microphone that is used by Live streamer to bring out the inner voice Games. To do this step, all you need to do is select Audio Input Capture in the source area.

After that the options will be displayed device. Here you just need to select the brand or type of microphone capacitor used. If the microphone capacitor is connected to a PC, it will automatically appear in the device.

Set the audio output recording

Alien goods

The opposite of Audio Input Capture, Audio Output Capture is a setting for displaying the sound that is being output in OBS. Typically, the audio output will contain roughly sound Games that you play. Because if you only rely on Game Capture, only the picture will be captured but the sound will not. To view audio, you need the settings for recording audio output.

Then in device, the options are displayed. You just choose Audio output where do you want to display it? For those who use speaker, options appear speaker. While for Headset, brand or type is written Headset you or the source Audio headset We.

Gimbot case here, Gimbot has two makes exit one of speaker and one of Headset connected to the monitor. It is up to you which one you want, the choice is your own pleasure.

Setting the video capture device

This is the next phase of your OBS setting where it is the setting to display your face via webcam, camera, or the like. You will follow the previous steps, simply selecting the Video Capture Device option in the Source column.

It will appear later device What you use is the type of camera or webcam that you plug into your PC. After that, just make the settings to reduce the screen size on the main OBS screen.

Settings for streaming quality and bit rate

In the final phase, all you have to do is set the streaming quality and bitrate so that the displayed video is smooth and pleasant enough for your streaming connoisseurs. To do this, choose the settings Then click the Videos section.

In the Basic canvas resolution section, select your monitor resolution accordingly. The base resolution is the resolution you will have fun with Live streaming.

Then in the Output Scaled Resolution section, it’s the section that people are watching who will enjoy it Live broadcast We. The more of the scaled output resolution left over, the higher the internet speed you will need.

For the Downscale Filters section you can choose the settings Lanczos and in Common FPS Values ​​you can go to 60FPS or 30FPS depending on your internet speed.

When you’re done, select the Output section to make your bitrate settings. Maybe it can be seen in the following picture.

There are several special formulas for the bit rate that you can follow. Here is the bitrate formula so that the images displayed are smooth and to your liking. Gimbot uses the bit rate formula for Live broadcast on Youtube.

Bit rate formula for livestream on Youtube

You can click the link because if you can Screenshots, will be quite time consuming. The bit rate to encoder settings that you need to use are clearly explained. What is encoder? You can find the explanation right away on Google!

Ready to Rock and Stream !!!

When all the settings are in place, go straight to the Stream section to select the service or platform you want to stream on. There are different types of platforms like Mixer, Twitch, Youtube and others.

For the server part, just follow what is written there, or just follow the standard, namely Server Primary. Then the last step is to be taken copy paste Stream Key on the respective platforms.

Gimbot gives an example to get such a stream key on Youtube. Go to your channel page first, then choose what you want to do Live broadcast. After that, some streaming settings will appear and select the stream key to be inserted into OBS. Copy this code.

Copy the stream key on youtube to the stream key section in OBS. Remember, remember! Nobody should know your stream key because if this happens the problem will be fatal as people will be able to stream using Youtube accounts or other accounts at some point. Live broadcast We!!!


When everything is ready, all you have to do is click Start Streaming on OBS and also on the platform you want. Much luck! For those who want a suit Streaming more professional, you can try setting it up yourself or learning from the internet to decorate your OBS with other cool things.

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