Nvidia Nerf RTX 3060 for Crypto Miners, Gamers Don’t Worry!

GridGames.ID – Nividia decided to do nerf or ‘reduced ability’ of the RTX 3060 to mine cryptocurrencies.

Nvidia considers this step to be the right decision to overcome the potential shortage of GPUs in the market.

Later, the RTX 3060 GPU will be installed with mining activity detection software cryptocurrency for potential gpu buy-in by miners cryptocurrency.

When the software detects mining activity, the GPU automatically reduces its performance by 50%.

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Launching from the Verge, Nvidia’s Head of Global Marketing revealed that the reduction in the RTX 3060’s mining capabilities was aimed at ensuring the availability of the RTX 3060 for gamers.

Nvidia also revealed that GeForce is a special product that is prioritized to meet the needs of gamers, streamer and content creators.

This shows that Nvidia is one of the technology companies that prioritizes the interests of its users.

To meet the needs of miners cryptocurrency, Nvidia will announce 4 processor especially for miners cryptocurrency in conjunction with the release of the RTX 3060 next week.


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