Now Everyone Can Make Chatbots Without Being Good at Coding!

On Wednesday, May 21, 2022 in Jakarta, PT Jualan Online Indonesia finally presented the platform BJtech which serves to create a chatbot.

This conversation platform is AI based. This platform was created through a messaging app or messaging application that serves to develop chatbots that are in accordance with the needs of businesses and individuals.

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Making Chatbots Easier Using the BJtech Platform

Along with increasing the use of mobile phone messaging applications in Indonesia in 2022, this is the result of research from Now, this evolution has made customer care start to switch to digital customer care by using chatbot products.

CEO of PT Online Sales Indonesia, Diatce G. Harahap expresses ‘Carrying the spirit’Bots for Everyone‘ The chatbot was created for all people from SMEs, artists to employees. Because, using the BJtech platform does not need to have special skills in programming. With this platform, all people can create chatbots in a relatively faster time. For example, SMEs can use chatbots as digital customers for 24 hours and individuals can use chatbots for their daily needs or hobbies in developing chatbot entertainment.”

BJtech Cooperate with [email protected]

The BJtech platform is supported by machine learning technology through communication, namely chat. Its use is also simple. First, you can design the flow of conversation, style and grammar in the chatbot. Then you can connect the chatbot that has been created so that it can be implemented in messaging applications such as LINE.

Now! The use of chatbots has also been in the messaging application, namely: [email protected] where this chatbot is able to serve customers for 24 hours. SMEs have also used digital platforms to market their products, only around 3.79 million out of 59.2 million SMEs, this data was submitted by the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises in 2022.

Chairman of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (HIPMI), Afifudin Kalla said “Although the growth of SMEs in Indonesia continues to grow rapidly, it has not been accompanied by an increase in knowledge about digital platforms in the business. Therefore, the existence of this BJtech platform can make it easier for SME players to optimize business operations through chatbot products so that they can advance to class.”

BJtech Official Website

Other than that, CEO of PT Online Sales Indonesia, Diatce G. Harahap also said “Using chatbots as digital customer care for SMEs so that costs and time are more efficient because of the automatic answering system. In addition, this chatbot function can also place orders from various locations. This chatbot product using BJtech’s AI Conversation Platform has been produced in collaboration with LINE Indonesia, BNI and Cisco. However, currently only LINE has been implemented in the chatbot. In the future, this platform will expand to other messaging applications such as mobile apps and other platforms.”

In addition, this BJtech platform has features in the form of a fast response chatbot, can reply to specified keywords (Keyword Reply), can be used for customer service bots, reservation bots and can also schedule broadcasts automatically every 3 hours to publish to members. The tagline of this platform is “Without Coding, Now Anyone Can Create a Chatbot!“.

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