Not REKT or Vior, EVOS Boss DeanKT Masters Nimo TV Viewers!

It’s an open secret of course if live streaming is one of the activities favored by the pro player apart from competing.

Apart from earning additional income, live streaming be the best place to build a relationship between pro player with his fans. This is also what one of EVOS Esports officials has done, namely: DeanKT.

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Yupthe vice president of EVOS Esports, Aldean “DeanKT” Tegar, is one of the big bosses who has successfully attracted the attention of many fans as a streamer lately.

Before DeanKT himself, there were two bosses who were also streamer, namely Alter Ego CEO Delwyn Sukamto and Bigetron Esports CEO Edwin “Starlest” Chia. Even so, DeanKT was noted to be the one who streamer who is more successful and bigger than the two figures above.

There are several factors that support this statement, such as his very friendly demeanor, as well as his humor with some sarcastic jokes that turned out to be attached and very liked by the audience. fans.

Because of its unique and beloved character fans In this regard, DeanKT has always succeeded in achieving viewers more than 20 thousand every day. Not even rare viewersThis number exceeds REKT and Vior who are famous for their “FTV drama”.

DeanKT itself has a schedule stream every day where he usually appears at 21.00 or 22.00 WIB until dawn. Though, it’s a schedule streamers big MLBB appear like REKT and Vior.

Therefore, the amount viewers DeanKT is certainly quite impressive even though it has not been able to beat the “king” streamer others such as Oura, Donkey, and Marsha which are a trio of GPX.

Back again to DeanKT, live streaming channel-itself is actually very rarely displays gameplay good. He more oftenpodcast” by chatting casually with some players or BA esportsit is not uncommon to even invite important people into podcast-its.

Of course he most often chats with EVOS Esports players, but he often brings other figures who make the audience more interested because of his relaxed and interesting chats.

In fact, now the figure who is familiarly called Mas Dean has made channel Youtube itself where each content contains talk every night while it’s on podcast. Current amount subscriber-it has reached 11 thousand.

What do you think? Is it time for DeanKT to switch to being a content creator and streamer instead of being the head of EVOS Esports?

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